islife is running in such a way that I wont understanding what is happening , I tried to hard to fulfill my dreams, I want success at any condition, for that I want to do any thing but I tried to do it but I was unable to perform it well something is their which is holding me back. I could say that I did not want to be able to give it a name, but I did not think it was 5 years ago that I did not get my dream for a dream. I did not get it satisfied yet. I got to know that I was able to go to the book, but I did not know what to do, but I did not know how much I would have liked him. when tried to do every thing which I can, I feel something is not good may be that was my ego or weakness of my emotions which makes unable to perform it. now I find the solution which could be make to fulfill both work.



lsome days ago I was running to fulfill my dreams and decided that I would never turned back in my life and days after days, I saw that what life is all about, it is all about winning and losing, pain, happiness. I had never realized how much tougher is life for the many of us. I think I could help all the suffering people to overcome their difficulties and make them happy, but when I saw their are million of people which are suffering. it brakes me from inside , it makes me feel I don’t want to see this difficult phase of life, I thought life is to easy, and I am the fellow which suffering to much but I was wrong. The many more are those which are not getting food for single time and not a roof for the living.

I asked the GOD way you create this universe, I feel the pain for every one who is in trouble. I just upset from GOD, from this world and from my self way I am like that what I am now. peoples don’t understand the pain of other, every one in this world is living for his own. even a single smile they don’t have to pass to your fellow men. it makes me feel bounded. ………………………………………… hearts me, I wish I could go back to my childhood away from all this. after some days it seems like break from dream, a dream which is called reality.

after some days I  was setting on the bench alone down the open sky the blue roof , I saw the nature is laughing, I asked why are you doing this he said hey idiot look around you, I saw the flying birds on water, I saw the crying babies, I saw the smooth air touching me, I smell the pure beauty of nature, and from my inside I got the answer ya this is the happiness, this is the part which I want to see. life is all about all this things.