this is thisLI90TX4We story of to families. the two families, they are neighbors lives in one of the government headquarters two characters one is john and another is mike, john is a man of strong personality and mike is the man with lots of illness and bad habits, he always used to drunk. john is caring man towards his family. john have two girls and one son. rikita, prashi and son benny and wife loka. mike has two daughters jiya, loffi and son goser, wife karla. both men are in neighboring around 10 to 15 years. the families have strong friendship but many times they got fight to each others. karla is some less character type lady, she had illegal relation with many mans. also his two daughter jiya and loffi are same in character like his mother. the all three child  have known about their moms character and also some mike, he used to drunk and bit his  wife. john’s family is quite good in comparison two them, but the bad habit the whole family have is that they are quite jealous from any ones progress, whole family used to gossip on suffering peoples and successful persons around them. no one like to talk to them. john used to provide every facility to his family. mike son goser, is in many tension about his family and about him self. he also some bad habits like drinking and others. but goser is hard worker and very much in concern about his condition, he used to struggle, he does many works like selling breads on roads, selling kites, its not a big thing what is he doing but in India for the son of a government officer it means a lot. on the other hand johns children are quite average. his son is in bad company and he is not a serious guy, he gave shirt to goser for his interview. when karla got catch, by her children every where their news run in the area which is a lot of shame, after the hard struggle goser became a higher rank officer the struggle builds his personality. on the other hand john’s children’s are not develop enough to became successful.



Author: vikas905

I am a dreamer and student

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