hff;'we all talk about love what is love? is it sex that we did for satisfaction or is it some thing which we could buy from market or something we want to pursue, it is nothing from all this, then what is it?

Clearly speaking it is a feeling which can’t be expressed in words it can be just feel which doesn’t need to be explain the love is boundless, it is amazing, love doesn’t sees any reach, poor, cast and the small thing of this minor world. The love is what a mother did to his son without any reason, what a father does for his child without telling him, it is the care which he has but he never tells. The love is pure, divine, and the feeling which makes everything full of joy and happiness.

A love is the humanity, which a human have for another human being , in todays modern world we all running towards success, money, but we didn’t have peace of mind, love is peace.

we all making over own theories and doing anything what we want, the main aim of this life is to find peace, love. Love is what a priest(bhakt) did to his God, infact we divided God for our purposes, and made different religion and communities for our selfishness, in the old purans, the Bible, the Gita, and all the religious grantha says The creator, the God is one, and all we are one, all this universe is one, Every day when the creator sees to his child’s (us) what feels to him.


one day when we all find the God sitting in our hearts, that day will be the day when creator feels happy for all of us, on that day we could realizes what we are missing.


Author: vikas905

I am a dreamer and student

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