islife is running in such a way that I wont understanding what is happening , I tried to hard to fulfill my dreams, I want success at any condition, for that I want to do any thing but I tried to do it but I was unable to perform it well something is their which is holding me back. I could say that I did not want to be able to give it a name, but I did not think it was 5 years ago that I did not get my dream for a dream. I did not get it satisfied yet. I got to know that I was able to go to the book, but I did not know what to do, but I did not know how much I would have liked him. when tried to do every thing which I can, I feel something is not good may be that was my ego or weakness of my emotions which makes unable to perform it. now I find the solution which could be make to fulfill both work.



this is thisLI90TX4We story of to families. the two families, they are neighbors lives in one of the government headquarters two characters one is john and another is mike, john is a man of strong personality and mike is the man with lots of illness and bad habits, he always used to drunk. john is caring man towards his family. john have two girls and one son. rikita, prashi and son benny and wife loka. mike has two daughters jiya, loffi and son goser, wife karla. both men are in neighboring around 10 to 15 years. the families have strong friendship but many times they got fight to each others. karla is some less character type lady, she had illegal relation with many mans. also his two daughter jiya and loffi are same in character like his mother. the all three child  have known about their moms character and also some mike, he used to drunk and bit his  wife. john’s family is quite good in comparison two them, but the bad habit the whole family have is that they are quite jealous from any ones progress, whole family used to gossip on suffering peoples and successful persons around them. no one like to talk to them. john used to provide every facility to his family. mike son goser, is in many tension about his family and about him self. he also some bad habits like drinking and others. but goser is hard worker and very much in concern about his condition, he used to struggle, he does many works like selling breads on roads, selling kites, its not a big thing what is he doing but in India for the son of a government officer it means a lot. on the other hand johns children are quite average. his son is in bad company and he is not a serious guy, he gave shirt to goser for his interview. when karla got catch, by her children every where their news run in the area which is a lot of shame, after the hard struggle goser became a higher rank officer the struggle builds his personality. on the other hand john’s children’s are not develop enough to became successful.


The audio visual for the Little Fears tale, Run. Originally posted HERE. Chase “I can’t see him,” said Agent. “You know,” said Spectre, “we might have a better chance of catching him if you put some running shoes on.” “Oh, I don’t wear shoes,” replied Agent. “Why not?” asked Spectre. “Not sure,” replied Agent. “I…

via Chase – In which Red does a runner, and a chase commences — Little Fears


hff;'we all talk about love what is love? is it sex that we did for satisfaction or is it some thing which we could buy from market or something we want to pursue, it is nothing from all this, then what is it?

Clearly speaking it is a feeling which can’t be expressed in words it can be just feel which doesn’t need to be explain the love is boundless, it is amazing, love doesn’t sees any reach, poor, cast and the small thing of this minor world. The love is what a mother did to his son without any reason, what a father does for his child without telling him, it is the care which he has but he never tells. The love is pure, divine, and the feeling which makes everything full of joy and happiness.

A love is the humanity, which a human have for another human being , in todays modern world we all running towards success, money, but we didn’t have peace of mind, love is peace.

we all making over own theories and doing anything what we want, the main aim of this life is to find peace, love. Love is what a priest(bhakt) did to his God, infact we divided God for our purposes, and made different religion and communities for our selfishness, in the old purans, the Bible, the Gita, and all the religious grantha says The creator, the God is one, and all we are one, all this universe is one, Every day when the creator sees to his child’s (us) what feels to him.


one day when we all find the God sitting in our hearts, that day will be the day when creator feels happy for all of us, on that day we could realizes what we are missing.


lsome days ago I was running to fulfill my dreams and decided that I would never turned back in my life and days after days, I saw that what life is all about, it is all about winning and losing, pain, happiness. I had never realized how much tougher is life for the many of us. I think I could help all the suffering people to overcome their difficulties and make them happy, but when I saw their are million of people which are suffering. it brakes me from inside , it makes me feel I don’t want to see this difficult phase of life, I thought life is to easy, and I am the fellow which suffering to much but I was wrong. The many more are those which are not getting food for single time and not a roof for the living.

I asked the GOD way you create this universe, I feel the pain for every one who is in trouble. I just upset from GOD, from this world and from my self way I am like that what I am now. peoples don’t understand the pain of other, every one in this world is living for his own. even a single smile they don’t have to pass to your fellow men. it makes me feel bounded. …………………………………………..it hearts me, I wish I could go back to my childhood away from all this. after some days it seems like break from dream, a dream which is called reality.

after some days I  was setting on the bench alone down the open sky the blue roof , I saw the nature is laughing, I asked why are you doing this he said hey idiot look around you, I saw the flying birds on water, I saw the crying babies, I saw the smooth air touching me, I smell the pure beauty of nature, and from my inside I got the answer ya this is the happiness, this is the part which I want to see. life is all about all this things.



Indian cricket

Indian cricket is going through the glorious period , the game which is started by British is Under Indian governance , the worlds most reach cricketing board BCCI , in recent days the Indian cricket is going through the phase of change , the cool captain mahendra sing dhoni got retired and the new aggressive captain virat kohli takes the charge , virat is providing new destiny to Indian cricket aggainsst Australia india lift the trophy , but the series was full of drama and excitement , Australian team had make the new records of comments on the indian players and the Indian condition after all this the Australian team thinking that they will be the master stroke in IPL ,we are indian that’s way we don’t make any issues but what about the reputation of the Australian team and sports men spirit. 14726